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Consulting Services

Hydrometallurgical technical expertise and consulting services are offered in the following areas:

  • subject matter expertise partner to management consultants;
  • independent project stage-gate technical reviews, risk assessments, and due diligence reviews of technologies and process flowsheets;
  • hydrometallurgical process audits, trouble-shooting, optimization and benchmarking;
  • start-up and commissioning support;
  • design, implementation, and training of on-site metallurgical management systems;
  • flowsheet conceptualisation and testwork design;
  • laboratory testwork and oversight of contracted experimental testwork;
  • design and management of pilot-plant trials;
  • literature and market reviews;
  • engineering and process design reviews;
  • preliminary engineering design;
  • provision of accredited Continuing Professional Development short courses for engineering, metallurgical, and operational staff.

Commodity Experience

  • copper
  • cobalt
  • zinc
  • uranium
  • nickel
  • manganese
  • titanium
  • vanadium
  • ammonium nitrate
  • gold and platinum-group metals
  • sulfuric and phosphoric acids

Completed Projects and Consulting Services

Due Diligence and Stage-Gate Reviews

Independent technical review of performance of a nickel SX circuit, New Caledonia

Independent technical review of performance of a cobalt SX circuit, South Africa

Independent due diligence review of proposed new technology for zinc oxide materials, Turkey

Independent technical review of performance of zinc SX and EW circuits, USA

Independent due diligence review of proposed extension of life of a zinc asset, Australia

Independent review of proposed implementation of an ion-exchange technology, South Africa

Independent review of value-addition and project quality of international research institution

Global benchmarking of copper SX and EW operations

Technical review of proposed hydrometallurgical process for zinc recovery, Mexico


Subject Matter Expert to Management Consultants

Diagnostic and implementation of technical technical and operational improvements at a copper
plant, DRC

Assessment of opportunities for technical and operational improvements at  a cobalt plant, Zambia

Design and implementation of technical and operational improvements at a cobalt plant, DRC

Design and implementation of productivity  improvements at two copper operations, Chile


Technical Process Design

Specification of and technical support for commercialisation of new SX diluent, South Africa

Review of mass balance and flowsheet for upgrade to a copper hydrometallurgy circuit, DRC

Study of options for the provision of 3 ML/d water to a coal mine from treated sewage effluent,
South Africa

Mass balance, PFDs, and compilation of engineering package for the upgrade of a precious metals refinery, USA

High-level design, specification, and preparation of RFQ for full-scale installation of IX plant, DRC

Design of a demonstration plant to produce 10 t/m V2O5  and operating cost estimate for 500 t/a V2O5 production plant, South Africa

Technical evaluation and concept study of flowsheet options for recovery of zinc from an
oxide ore, Kazakhstan

Assessment of the feasibility of converting an existing Cu SXEW plant for Zn production, Kazakhstan

Technical review, costing, and process evaluation of copper recovery from mine waste waters, Chile

Review of process chemistry and equipment design of new uranium SX plant, South Africa


Commissioning and Operational Improvement

Commissioning support to copper leach-SX-EW plant, USA

Operational and performance improvements to copper hydrometallurgy circuit, DRC

Technical review of performance of copper SX circuits, Zambia

Operational and performance improvements to copper hydrometallurgy circuit, Zambia


Literature and Market Reviews

Review of opportunities for use of specified commodity oxidants in the hydrometallurgical industry

Global survey of copper solvent-extraction plants

Global survey of copper electrowinning plants

Review of state-of-the-art in titanium solvent extraction in halide media

Review of global use of anodes for zinc electrowinning


Pilot-Plant Trials and Laboratory Testwork

Design, implementation, and management of laboratory testwork and pilot-plant trial for IX removal of Cu and Zn from a cobalt electrolyte, DRC

Laboratory testwork for comparative evaluation of competing SX reagents, lime, MgO, and other hydromet process commodities