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J. R. Turkington, V. Cocalia, K. Kendall, C.A. Morrison, P. Richardson, T. Sassi, P. A. Tasker, P. J. Bailey, K. C. Sole (2012). Outer sphere coordination chemistry: Amido-ammonium ligands as highly selective tetrachlorozinc(II)ate extractants. Inorganic Chemistry, 51, 12805–12819.

R. J. Ellis, J. Chartres, D. K. Henderson, R. Cabot, P. R. Richardson, F. J. White, M. Schröder, J. R. Turkington, P. A. Tasker, K. C. Sole (2012). Design and function of pre-organized outer-sphere amidopyridyl extractants for zinc(II) and cobalt(II) chlorometallates: The role of C-H hydrogen bonds. Chemistry A European Journal, 18, 7715–7728.

R. J. Ellis, J. Chartres, P. A. Tasker, K. C. Sole (2011). Amide-functionalized aliphatic amine extractants for Co(II) and Zn(II) recovery from acidic chloride media. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 25 (5–6), 657–672.

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J. Schulze-Messing, D. C. Alexander, K. C. Sole, J. D. T. Steyl, M. J. Nicol, P. Gaylard (2007). An empirical rate equation for the removal of manganese from solution using a gas mixture of sulfur dioxide and oxygen, Hydrometallurgy, 86 (1-2), 37–43.

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K. C. Sole (1988). A novel route for the production of chromium chemicals via chlorination technology. 1st National Physical Chemical Symposium, South African Chemical Institute, Dikhololo.


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M. E. Brown, R. H. M. Cross, K. C. Sole, M. W. Beck (1984). Correlation between surface changes of KMnO4 crystals and theoretical speculation of the decomposition mechanism. Electron Microscopy Society of Southern Africa Proceedings, 14, 153–154.



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